Grand Cathay Investment Trust (Cambodia) Plc. (GCIT) was established in the end of 2019. Our team is originally from financial industry in Taiwan, which include trust management, real estate investment, securities investment analysis, property management and senior specialist from various fields. Therefore, we are fully experienced and have abilities to do business development, education and product innovation. GCIT is one of the very few trust companies in Cambodia that has obtained business licenses from both the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) and Trust Regulator (TR). It has been affirmed by the competent authorities and is worthy of your trust!
More than 10years working in financial related industry, GCIT utterly understand that trust CAN help decreasing trade risks, maintaining financial order, establishing confidence in society, fostering application of funds efficiently etc. Moreover, GCIT has done lots of charity works to help society via trust.
As a qualified trustee, GCIT follows the 4 core values: Enrich, Ensure, Enthusiasm and Entrust. Enriching customers by a simple safe professional way is our prospection and purpose. Through our enthusiasms and experiences, GCIT devote ourselves to establishing a comprehensive trust platform and carry forward it in Cambodia and Asia.

【The brief of the Company introduction】


Strategy and purpose

GCIT’s experienced professional team provides comprehensive solutions for our customers via five main trust services and three ways (technicalize, systematize and unitize). While we are working hard to enrich our customers, we are aiming for achieving our goal - become No.1 trust company in Cambodia and Asia.