GCIT has been deeply involved in the trust business in Cambodia and has achieved success

    The Trust Regulator, the Cambodian trust authority, held the 2023 Trust Forum on February 28, 2023, with Mey Vann, S Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Sou Socheat, Delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), and Witnessed by His Excellency Sok Dara, Director General of the Trust Regulator (TR), GCIT became one of the first companies to obtain a business license issued by the Trust Regulator.

    During the meeting, GCIT was invited to give a speech on the topic of "International Practical Experience of Insurance Trust", introducing the operating mechanism and advantages of insurance trust, and citing the cases of internationally renowned families and major accidents to illustrate the role of insurance trust in inheriting assets and the need to care for future generations. According to the information released by the Trust Regulator, among the more than 400 trust cases in Cambodia, more than 90% are real estate trust cases; in contrast, the insurance trust is the real trust business established for the Cambodian people.

    H.E. Sok Dara also praised GCIT for participating in the issuance of the first green bond in Cambodia through a trust structure, which is different from other peers who mostly invest in Cambodian real estate by foreigners. The case is a perfect combination of trust business and capital markets.
    The first tranche of green bonds in Cambodia, assisted by GCIT , had officially listed on the Cambodia Stock Exchange (CSX) on January 19, 2023. During the listing ceremony, GCIT was awarded the "Honorable Investor" award.
    GCIT accepts the entrustment of the investor, signs various investment-related contracts with the issuing company Golden Tree Co., Ltd. in the name of the trustee, and handles future related redemption transactions, interest collection and distribution and other operating procedures.

    The opening ceremony of GCIT was grandly held at the Rosewood Hotel on 2022/05/09. The VIPs present included partners Zhiqiang International, My Land Real Estate Development Company, and the director of SERC and TR, from business to political circles are all looking forward to the influence of the GCIT.

    At the opening ceremony, H.E. Sou Socheat, Director of SERC, was very satisfied with the product design and process management of GCIT, and also recognized the strategic direction of GCIT, which is in line with the country's financial development policy. Looking forward to in-depth cooperation with GCIT, which can effectively promote the development of Cambodia's financial market. H.E. Sok Dara, Director of the TR also mentioned that he expects GCIT can bring the trend of fintech and experience in financial trust into Cambodia and inject vitality into Cambodia's financial market.

    GCIT also signed cooperation agreements with two important partners, Zhiqiang International and Myland Real Estate Development. GCIT will act as impartial third-party trust supervision and asset management platform to reduce risks for foreign investment in the Cambodian market and increase investment efficiency.

    GCIT is composed of Taiwanese bank directors with rich practice experience in real estate, and local banks in Cambodia. Combining practical experience and market insights in Cambodia, GCIT will provide the best credit guarantee and risk control for foreign investors, and will integrate various information, so that investors can quickly understand the investment environment in Cambodia. GCIT looks forward to creating a new milestone in Cambodia's financial sector through the efforts and cooperation of all parties.

    GCIT and the well-known Cambodian real estate company My Land signed a cooperation agreement on 2022/05/09. Through trust, foreign funds can have a more stable channel to invest in the Cambodian real estate market.

    My Land will be responsible for the development of potential Cambodian land, which will be held by GCIT on its behalf. GCIT, as a third-party impartial trust unit, can introduce funds to invest in land rezoning.

    GCIT will shoulder the window of capital investment, check for investors, and provide stable investment protection.

    GCIT and Fireman Factory signed a contract on May 9 2022. GCIT will assist Fireman Factory to obtain land and factories through trust, and cooperation to enter the Cambodian market.

    According to Cambodian law, non-Cambodians are not allowed to hold Cambodian land property rights. CGIT, as a third-party neutral supervisory agency, assists in holding land property rights, so that foreign funds can be invested in Cambodian real estate.

    CGIT is committed to becoming the entrance for foreign capital to invest in Cambodia, providing a safe and reliable third-party trust monitoring platform, so that Cambodia's real estate investment can be more secure.

    Shareholders of GCIT went to Cambodia. In addition to implementing localized operations, also expected to discuss the development of trust and fintech industries with the Cambodian government through physical talks. It is a great honor to have a meeting with Cambodia's local Securities Regulatory Commission (SERC) on 2022/05/06.

    During the talks, China-Cambodia Trust shared the company's overall strategic development, including real estate trust business, financial technology business, etc. H.E Sou Socheat, Director of SERC, is very interested in the development strategy of GCIT and looks forward to more in-depth cooperation between the two parties.

    GCIT expects to accelerate the development of the industry through talks with the government and propose relevant laws and regulations to continuously optimize the financial development of Cambodia.

    2022/05/06, the directors of GCIT went to Cambodia to visit the local trust regulatory authority. In addition to discussing trust-related business, GCIT also shared the future development direction of blockchain and technology finance. H.E. Sok Dara, Director General of the Trust Regulator (TR)  Committee expressed his full support and also looks forward to promoting the development of Cambodia's overall finance through the knowledge of GCIT so that more foreign capital can be injected into Cambodia.

    The full name of TR is Trust regular. It has been independent of the Securities Regulatory Commission SERC since 2021. It is the competent authority for the local trust business in Cambodia. GCIT is deeply involved in the Cambodian market. The trust knowledge familiar in China and Cambodia, as well as the newly developed blockchain technology, will be guided to the local area of ​​Cambodia, opening a new era for Cambodia's trust financial business.