“Money trust” means the client transfer money to the trustee (GCIT) as trust asset to establish trust. According to trustor’s wish to accomplish purposes of trust. GCIT manages the trust asset and transfer it and income to beneficiary at maturity. GCIT’s fixed-income money trust services include:

  • Real estate values trust
  • Family trust
  • Real estate investment trust
  • Financial product investment trust etc.

Cambodia’s economy has seen rapid growth, its business opportunities attract many oversea investors. The loan interest rate of commercial bank is higher than other countries, however, for attracting inflow of funds to do lending activities, bank increases deposit interest rate. As a result, high interest rate differential became main source of income of most banks.

In order to help investors to manage high interest rate USD deposit and other low risk financial products conveniently, investors can sign money trust agreement with GCIT (trustee). Then, GCIT will open a trust account to deposit money and invest in other low risk financial products.

The advantages of GCIT’s fixed-income money trust include:

  • Risk management
  • Higher rate of return in USD than other developed markets
  • Low investment capital

Fixed-income money trust services provided by GCIT are not only an essential way to help high net worth individuals to manage properties, but also the most helpful way to novices.