In order to take part in Cambodian real estate market, oversea investors used to buy and possess land as a nominal owner which means they register ownership under other’s name (under the person who is Cambodian nationality) or establish a company (Cambodian shareholders must hold over 51% shares). Both land holding investment ways may face huge risk that after land price has increased, the person who are registered is unwilling to return land ownership. Furthermore, if nominal owner face external obligation problem or if nominal owner dies in accident, how to deal with the right of ownership succession etc. would be another problem.
The trust law was enacted into law in 2019, this made a huge step forward in guaranteeing investor rights. Land, villa, terraced house, shop etc. which have legal hard title can use land or constructions as trust asset and be managed by GCIT.
GCIT’s management-oriented real estate trust provides oversea investors comprehensive solution to ownership registration problem. Real estate ownership which be registered under GCIT would be protected by trust law and be managed properly. GCIT (trustee) will follow client’s instruction to sell or transfer the trust asset (ownership) when the client plans to disposal it. Thus, client will NOT face any risk of nominal registration.
GCIT provide a professional and comprehensive service to the client. The contents of our management-oriented real estate trust include: real estate management, maintenance, repair, improvement, environmental improvement, leasing, trading and construction corporation etc.