According to the investigation by Rupert Hoogewerf, Phnom Penh, Cambodia was the top 1 of the top 50 global cities with the fastest-growing house price in 2018. It had been seen 16.7% increase in house prices. The rate of return was 29.4% by adding up the growth rate of house price, rental income and rate of exchange rate. Phnom Penh became the city with the highest rate of return on oversea investment.
In recent years, more and more oversea investors have participated in Cambodian real estate market, this implies that huge amount of funds flow into Cambodia. However, there are few essential factors of real estate investment: huge amount of funds, value and risk analysis and ownership investigation etc. It is not easy for a small amount of funds investor.
Comparing with traditional real estate investment, the advantages of our Real estate investment trust include:

  1. Low entry threshold. Small amount of funds investor also has the chance to participate in real estate market.
  2. Simple trading process cause higher cash-converting and liquidity of asset.
  3. More investment object, lower investment risk.
  4. It is easier to sell real estate and help to maintain prices.
  5. Professional team helps with analyzing, you do not need to worry about it.